Loon Morning Crew

Ringo says “Everyone will be amazed”.


Ringo Starr says director Peter Jackson’s new documentary of the Beatles’ 1969 Let It Be sessions shows a truer look at the band that the original film. The new doc, The Beatles: Get Back, is based around 56 hours of never-released footage of the group rehearsing and recording at Twickenham Film Studios and Apple Studios, shot between January 2nd and January 31st, 1969. The full-length, new movie is set to hit theaters on August 27th. During a chat with USA Today, Ringo said the new film is far better than director Michael Lindsey-Hogg’s primarily downbeat 1970 Let It Be feature: “Yeah, I’m always moaning that the Michael Lindsay-Hogg (documentary) was miserable and it was. It was based on a couple of seconds of what two guys (Paul McCartney and George Harrison) went through. We had lots of those moments, but we had a lot of loving, too, and that was never shown. I love Peter and I love what he’s doing. Everyone will be amazed.”  The Loon Morning Crew promised to include this sneak peak from Peter Jackson….  It’ll definitely wet your appetite.