Reminder: Time To Watch Out For Kids On Bicycles


Like many of you, I’m LOVING this warmer weather. It brought a smile to my face yesterday when driving home seeing all the kids in my neighborhood out playing and riding their bikes. With this winter we’ve had, they have cabin fever probably more than any of us. It also made me think that as motorists driving through neighborhoods we need to be on the look out a little more. These kids are so excited to be finally outside again, that they are probably a little more distracted. Also, with all the snow we have had, our snow banks are a little higher than usual. This can cause visibility problems, especially when going through intersections, so be aware of that as well. As for parents, it wouldn’t hurt to remind the kids when they head out to be on the look out as well. Just a reminder to slow down, be alert, and let’s have a safe and awesome spring!