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Remembering Charlie Watts


Charlie Watts, drummer for the Rolling Stones, passed away today at the age of 80.

Here’s what the band posted on their Twitter:

charlie watts letter

Watts began his musical journey when he was only eleven years old, piecing together a drum set out of old drum parts and a banjo. In January of 1963, he agreed to join The Rolling Stones, the band he would continue to be a member of for the rest of his life. In 1989, The Rolling Stones were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Then, in the July 2006 issue of Modern Drummer magazine, Watts was voted into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame. Watts was not only an incredibly gifted musician, but also an expert graphic designer, contributing to the album artwork of many of the Rolling Stones’ records.

Charlie Watts will be remembered as one of the greatest drummers of the 20th century. He lived a quiet lifestyle in comparison to his fellow band members, and was known for remaining faithful to his wife, Shirley Ann Shepherd. He will be missed, but fans will continue to celebrate his life and legacy for years to come.