Put Your Jazz Hands Together And Welcome Our Special Guests!


From the category of “What is wrong with people”, the student union from the University of Manchester passed a resolution the you can’t clap at any of their public events or performances.


Evidently they’re convinced that those with anxiety would be impacted poorly by the noise. My question would be, if you’re that anxious about the noise, would really be attending the event anyway?  I get the inclusive thing, but no clapping? Most generally in my experience you’re clapping because you feel good about something. If you’re at a show or a sporting event and there’s a great play or a special moment that sends the exhilaration of excellence, the magic of the moment, the excitement of the play, are you naturally driven to do the jazz hands? You might leap to your feet, shout for more, cheer and clap, and whistle. Those would be natural reactions in my opinion for even those with anxiety. It might even help to release some angst! Even the rich offer the golf clap don’t they?  As John Lennon once said…