Proof That We’re Spoiled In This Country


The worries we have in life are often based on our surroundings.

There are the 3rd world countries with worries like whether or not they can find clean water for the day.  There are 2nd world countries where electricity may come and go and the roads don’t get fixed for decades.  And then there are 1st world countries.

The list below is pulled from a recent survey on the top day to day hassles in 1st world countries.  In some ways I’m embarrassed by this list, but I know it’s true!    It’s time to take some inventory again and see how good we have it.  Here’s part of the list… check out the full details when you click on the link below.

  • Bad WiFi connection
  • Calls from unknown numbers
  • Forgetting passwords
  • Running out of phone battery
  • Late trains/buses
  • Paying extra for luggage on a flight
  • Running out of cell phone data
  • Not having enough leg room when traveling
  • When you crack your mobile phone screen
  • Your food delivery taking more than 30 minutes to arrive
  • Ads with no skip button on YouTube videos
  • Forgetting to charge your wireless headphones

(Study Finds)