Power Loon Purple and Gold Predictions


Nothing wrong with a little friendly football rivalry, and what a perfect week to start the Power Loon Purple and Gold Predictions.  It’s the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, noon kick-off.

Here we go ……

Danny Wild: Minnesota 14 – Green Bay 10 – Close game.  Who’s this Aaron Rodgers I keep hearing about?

Mac Daddy: Minnesota 31 – Green Bay 21 – 21 points for the Pack if Rodgers plays. 3 points for the Pack if Kizer is in charge.

Noelle: Vikes by 10. Due to Rodgers calf-i-tis (inflammation of the baby cow).

Michele: Minnesota 28 – Green Bay 10 – Rodgers will start, but will leave the game due to another fake injury.  Shame, shame know your name.

Brian Moon: Green Bay 20 – Minnesota 17 – If A-A-Ron Rodgers plays. If not, things may go south for the Pack.

Agree with any of these?  Feel free to share your predictions on our Facebook page under The Power Loon.