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Families that have fun together, stay together.

Allison and her family play a game called ‘PLOON’. It’s a game of their own creation; where the traditional numbers used in BINGO are replaced with classic rock artists. They tune into the Power Loon, and mark down the artists they hear, rather than calling out numbers. Once someone has gotten 5 in a row, they win! Allison and her crew enjoy playing PLOON as a family activity, either through video calls, or occasionally in-person.

She reached out to us and said “Hi there! My husband and a group of friends across the Midwest have been playing power loon bingo every Saturday night for the last 18 months. This Saturday we are all getting together to play in person to celebrate my husband Jeff’s 40th birthday!”

Here’s the group in their Power Loon Tee’s:


Here’s a look at the BINGO sheet:


And here’s their homemade Power Loon flag! We’ve never seen anything like it:


Keep rockin’ Allison, Jeff, and company! You keep the party going, and we’ll play all the classics you need!