The Big B-Bay Show

The Big B-Bay Show with Eric and Stacey is a fun and new show talking about events, the B-Bay program and life in general. Join them for their enlightened and entertaining look at how B-Bay discounted coupons work in everyday life, how you can order the coupons, and the best ways you can take advantage of an additional discount after every show! The Big B-Bay Show with Eric and Stacey, 10:30am every Wednesday on 1340am KVBR.

Latest Episodes

Christmas Decorating

We have our Thanksgiving recaps, Christmas decoration talk and planning for the ice fishing extravaganza

Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday, Office hours, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Stacey’s Confession

Stacey has a birthday confession and the crew works through some bloopers.

Use Those 612 Station Certificates!

Use your 612 Station Certificates! What was new at the B-Bay conference and the Halloween décor has begun in the office!