Pick Your Poison, Cold or Snow?


According to the calendar, Spring is only 35 days away. In Minnesota we know that means absolutely nothing. March is the snowiest month for us, and we’ve already received well over two feet of snow this season. Not to mention the cold, right? For most of us, we ask the age old question, why do we live here? It must be that three month window we refer to as summer. And there’s nothing better than a beautiful Minnesota summer.

If you had to choose, which one would it be? The snow or the cold? I’m a little torn. When I’m sick and tired of shoveling the snow, I wish it would just stop. But, that means it’s going to get cold, really cold. When I’m chilled all the way down to the bone, I wish it would just warm up. But, that means snow. It’s a viscous circle that never ends, or so it would seem.

Here’s some data to ponder over the next 35 days when Spring finally arrives. By the way, my heat bill showed the average temperature this past January was 11 below.  Ooh that one stings, and of course is an average of the high and low temperatures.

  • Average January Temperature for Brainerd:  20 degrees
  • Average February Temperature for Brainerd:  26 degrees
  • Average March Temperature for Brainerd:  38 degrees
  • Average Annual Snowfall Totals in Brainerd (1981-2010):  46.8 inches
  • Average Annual Snowfall Totals in Minneapolis (1981-2010):  54 inches
  • Average Annual Snowfall Totals in International Falls (1981-2010):  71 inches
  • Average Annual Snowfall Totals in Duluth (1981-2010):  86.1 inches

See more data on this link