Pete Townshend Has A Novel Being Published Today.


Pete Townshend published his first novel today (November 5th), it’s called The Age Of Anxiety.

He spoke about the book to The Express and explained, “This is actually a great rock novel. Yes, it has been written by me and I come from that world, but what actually happened when I wrote it was that I didn’t want to touch on the obvious. When I wrote my autobiography, I was as honest as I possibly could be. I’ve told my story and I’ve made my apologies if I need to make them.”.  So it’s not a biography but its based in a world he knows well.

There were some other revelations that came from the article as well.  Although Townshend has been pretty forthcoming when dealing with his penchant for drugs and booze in the 1970’s and early-’80s — his womanizing over the years was surprisingly in check: “I haven’t got old girlfriends in the thousands — there’s maybe three or four or five and they’re very important to me. In fact, one of the things that I realized when I was writing my biography was wondering why couldn’t I stay with the wife I had? She was perfect in every way. It was the same with every girlfriend I had, I could have married and stayed with them, they were perfect. I was the one that was f***ed up.”

Townshend, who resides in Richmond, England went on to say, “I’ve never wanted to live in L.A. or New York or central London. I’ve always wanted to live in the suburbs. I like it there. It’s where I grew up.”

Townshend went on to reveal that he still remains tight with some of rock’s upper echelon: “I see quite a lot of Mick — I think the person I feel closest to being able to tell the absolute truth with is Mick Jagger. Eric Clapton and I, who’ve been through a lot together, are very good friends, although we don’t see each other much.”

In regards to being a rock survivor, Townshend laughed and said, “Well, I’m still here. I feel lucky, but also a bit scarred, a bit cut up. I mean losing John (Entwistle) and Keith (Moon), losing David Bowie, losing Brian Jones, it all leaves its mark.”

Here’s a classic appearance with Pete and one of his pals.


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