People Still Want To Talk To Each Other Instead Of Texting

Photo by from Pexels

The subject of communication came up yesterday as I was visiting with a friend about Christmas cards. We seem to have embraced technology and that’s fine.  But maybe the digital way of communicating isn’t what everyone prefers! It turns out we still crave human interaction.

A new poll by SurveyMonkey found that 42 percent of Americans still prefer in-person communication over any other form.  21 percent of survey respondents said they’d rather text than have face-to-face communication and 16 percent said they’d rather chat over the phone than in person.  Check out the full report at this link. (Fortune)  But back to the Christmas card subject, would you rather get a Christmas card in the mail from your family member or friend? Or would you prefer to get a Facebook message or “Christmas Post” as it were?  I have to say I would choose the tangible card that I can hold and read. Then set it up to look at as part of the Christmas décor or at the very least hold on to it for a few weeks and review the cards at the end of the holiday season. And like most others in the survey, I guess I’d like to sit and chat with family face to face if I have the chance! Nothing like getting the full effect of sarcasm from my older brothers when they ridicule me.  😉