Paul McCartney Live From Grand Central Station Goes On YouTube

Bryan Adams
Credit: Josh Sorenson/Pexels

Wow!  Paul McCartney live at Grand Central Station  to launch his new album called Egypt Station.  We had heard it was coming, and the pre-promotion was out there on Carpool Karaoke, etc.  But when he decides to go big and stream the “secret” show live on YouTube…  that is just cool.  And of course as we say often on the air, everyone wishes they had the pull of what great classic rock still delivers.   You think anybody is interested?  Only about 2,000,000 views so far.  And of course you might as well click through now and enjoy it too.  Paul was recently quoted by New York City’s National Public Radio affiliate WFUV as saying that the new album has a very retro theme-type of feel to it.  So enjoy the show and just so you’re in the know, the closest show on the upcoming tour is Winnipeg right now…  Not a bad trip… set for the 28th of September.