Parental Penalty

The opportunity to cheat/steal is just too overwhelming for some people. But when people recruit their toddlers to do the dirty work of stealing video games from a crane machine, shouldn’t there should be a piling on penalty?  We had this story on weird news this morning.  It’s disturbing that the guy would do this, but doesn’t it also say that he loves video games more than his kids?  I’m thinking if they catch up with the guy he runs the risk of losing his kids! 


Theft from Mall at Rockingham Park

Attached is a video from the incident Saturday night at the Mall at Rockingham Park. The video has intentionally been blurred out to protect the identity of the involved children. Anyone who recognizes the suspect in this case is urged to call Detective Dempsey at 603-890-2343 or message us here on Facebook.Thank you!

Posted by Salem NH Police Department on Monday, September 17, 2018