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When And Where Can I Watch “Avengers Endgame” In Brainerd?

I don’t think it’s any secret “Avengers Endgame”  is going to ROCK the box office . . . everyone knows that.  The question is whether or not it’ll break the opening weekend record of $257.7 million that “Avengers Infinity War” set last April. And it sounds like it WILL, for the last two weeks it’s been crushing pre-sale records. “Endgame” …

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A Guy Shoots A Nerf Ball Into His Brother’s Mouth

Brothers will be brothers, I know I’d do this to mine. Some guy pranked his brother by calling him into the room to “see something.”  And when the brother walks in he shoots a Nerf ball that goes right into his mouth.  The brother took it so well that HE’s the one who posted the video.

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$10,000 Payday Begins!

Well it’s back!  The 10,000 Dollar Payday from the PowerLoon and our sister stations!  If you look for the tab on the top menu on this website you’ll find the portal to enter and possibly win 10,000 bucks!  The thing with the 10,000 Dollar Payday is that everyone that can use an extra 10 grand!  It doesn’t matter who your …

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