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This Parrot Barks Just Like A Dog

A family in South Africa posted video of their three dogs and one parrot barking like crazy in the driveway.  That’s right, the parrot is barking too, and if you didn’t see it for yourself, you’d think it was one of the pups. According to the person who posted the clip, the parrot’s been part of the family for 19 …

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The Best News Bloopers From June

I found a 13-minute roundup of the best news bloopers from June. Some good ones include a reporter warning people to stay clear of venomous snakes, and then a fellow reporter mocking him for stating the obvious. A female anchor asks the forecaster if it’s going to be good barbecue weather, or “you gonnna have some wet meat out there?” …

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A Massive Pileup On The “Mountain Of Hell” Bike Race

There’s a bike race that takes place in the French Alps every year called the “Mountain of Hell” . . . and there’s video of a massive pileup that went down soon after it started on Sunday.  Luckily, there were no serious injuries. The beginning of the race looks like a crash waiting to happen.  There are 700 riders taking …

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