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Target Reveals Bullseye’s Top Toys List For Christmas 2019

I know…I know… we just got done with Labor Day. I just thought their are some who like to get a jump start on holiday shopping, or maybe just a kid at heart like me so I thought I’d share. Target today announced Bullseye’s Top Toys of 2019, a guide to some of the most-anticipated toys for the holiday season. While …

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A Sheep Rams A Cameraman In The Crotch

And I thought radio was hard. Looks like TV can be tricky as well. A BBC reporter was interviewing a ranger at a safari park in England.  They were in a field with a Cameroon sheep, which are rare, and ornery. The males also have spiral horns, which one of them put to use by ramming the ranger in the …

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A Guy With A Thick Scottish Accent Tries To Use Alexa

Remember when Willie the groundskeeper from The Simpson’s tried to say “hose” but it kept sounding like “moose”? Well, a 66-year-old guy in Scotland kept trying to ask Alexa to play some music by John Lennon.  But his accent was so thick, she couldn’t understand him.  So it just kept playing the Bee Gees, which he hates. Careful there’s some naughty …

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