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Brainerd – Get Tickets Now For Clear Vision With Confidence – Meet Local Leader Kristi Westbrock

As women in the Brainerd Lakes area prepare for the upcoming Clear Vision With Confidence event at Cragun’s with Keynote Speaker, Rachel Cruz (New York Time Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker and daughter of Dave Ramsey), I thought you may like to know a little bit more about the LOCAL panel speakers that will also be gracing the stage (there will …

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Woman Baits Deer Inside Her House

Okay so there’s the average deer feeding to draw them into an area during hunting season.  And in some states it’s still legal to bait but in Minnesota it’s illegal mostly because of Chronic Wasting Disease. 

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Loon Tube: Watch A Person Climb 36 Steps . . . On Their Head

A Chinese acrobat broke his own record for climbing up steps ON HIS HEAD.  That’s right, only his head is allowed to touch anything or that step is disqualified.  He wears a device that’s strapped around his chin and cushions his head.  But that’s it. Anyway, he climbed 36 consecutive steps, which broke the previous record of 34 that he …

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