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Bud Lite Fire Protection

You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to defend your home. Chad Little said he decided to stay behind when his family evacuated their Vacaville home last week as the Lightning Complex Fires approached their neighborhood.

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The Minnesota Vikings Are In Camp

I was reviewing the fact that the Minnesota Vikings are in camp and thought for a second, “how weird”.  Not that I don’t want football, it’s just the opposite!  But it’s been like a dark cloud hanging out that there that the NFL season might be in Jeopardy due to Covid.  So I clicked on the video preview to see …

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New? Normal? LOL

As summer 2020 holds onto its a run for a couple of more weeks, I reflected on a summer spent in somewhat of a fog.  Sure the normal Memorial Day picnic was held, 6 feet apart. Yep, Fourth of July Fireworks went off also, at a distance, from our cars. Summer 2020 came early for those of us with school …

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