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Oreo Twisting – How Does The Cookie Separate?


The Loon Morning Crew talked about this, this morning!  Oreos are considered a delicious snack by many, and now scientists have taken a closer look at the “flow and fracture” of the cookies. Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers say the crème is officially “mushy” and tends to stick to one side of the cookie in terms of rheology, which study co-author Crystal Owens explains, “can be used to measure the texture of food depending on the failure stresses and strains.” She adds, “I had in my mind that if you twist the Oreos perfectly, you should split the crème perfectly in the middle. But what actually happens is the crème almost always comes off of one side.” The study also revealed that it’s easier to open up the cookies if you twist them more slowly. Researchers add that the crème may stick consistently to one side because of the way the cookies are manufactured and then oriented during packaging. Cookies from the same box often followed the same trends and varied from box to box, possibly due to different storage conditions.  If you can enjoy the jingle below without wanting an Oreo, you’re better than us!