October Brings Weird News


Now that it’s October there are a few things that you can’t avoid. The cool weather/changing leaves, the pumpkin spice debate, and the strange stories that fill the news about weird happenings across the globe.

I have to admit that sometimes I think I’ve heard it all (especially with the weird news we have on every morning). But I don’t think I’ve ever heard about this before.  It’s the Canadian version of the Lock Ness Monster!

On September 12th a family that was on a picnic witnessed a 49 foot creature at Lake Okanagan. (or so they say).  Are you a believer?  Do you think Nessie exists?  Do you think Bigfoot lives in the woods?  I do know that there’s a Big Foot in Vining!  Here’s a theory for you.  Nessie lives in Lock Ness but has a vacation home in Lake Okanagan.  And there’s a portal that she swims through at the center of the earth’s core.  I think we could keep working in this and end up with a pretty good movie… that would of course be released in October!