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Nurses! We Salute You!


The time has come for us to recognize nurses for all they do with National Nurses Week.  It runs May 6th through 12th!

The work that has been done in the trenches of Covid 19 is nothing short of incredible.  They deserve the praise from our community in helping to work through this uncertain time of the pandemic.  But really, there are so many more times that we have encountered and will continue to encounter the knowledge, the wisdom and the bed side manner of nurses caring for us, their patients.

My personal interaction with nurses in my life has actually been quite eclectic.  My first memory in life was breaking my leg at 2 and ½ years of age.  My brother tackled me while playing football in the back yard and I ended up with my leg hanging in traction for 6 weeks.  Even to this day I remember the kindness of nurses at my bedside.

Through the years I’ve encountered nurses for various reasons, like checking my height and weight as I go in for a physical or assisting with stitching up my hand or my head because of one of those “oops” moments.  Within the last decade I’ve seen nurse’s work with my elderly mother as she needed help from day to day in a memory care assisted living facility.  And when the time had arrived… they gave care to my mom in her last moments, giving her dignity while consoling me with their words and advise.

I’ve also known more than a few nurses in my lifetime that are just my friends.  It seems the one thing that has been consistent with these men and women, is their genuine concern for others.  I recall sitting at a table having dinner and hearing the chopper landing at the hospital nearby, my friend said, let’s pray for them.   Or another friend coaching me on the symptoms my brother was displaying at Thanksgiving and offering what turned out to be great advice.

I’m sure we all have amazing stories of how a nurse has impacted our lives.  Please join me in taking some time to send a note or place a call.  Let’s all celebrate nurses this May 6th through 12th– National Nurses Week!