Noelle Lee

Noelle’s Ode To Summer


I’ve been feeling it again. That chill or lack of humidity, cooler temps, and colored leaves starting to peak through.

The sky a different blue, the already brown grass, browner. For so many, fall is the best. The pumpkin spice everything, hunting season, flannel.

For many, however, like myself, the season of change can be difficult and even depressing. It is a well known fact that the sunshine from vitamin D is beneficial in so many ways to our health. I miss that come fall. Summer brings longer days.. more time to squeeze in fun, family, friends.

It give us oxygen with the beautiful trees that release it and a hammock to rest in and appreciate those trees. It gives us an old inner tube with a beer in hand (or two) and ten thousand lakes to float on and enjoy that beer(s). Summer gives us loons, fireflies, fireworks, but most of all, I think it gives us some of the best memories of our lives.

I am not sure if I actually have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or I just really, really, really like summer. 2021 was a hot one and a happy one for this girl. Of course all good things must come to an end so with that being said.. CHEERS to football and crock pots and couches. Happy Fall Y’all!