Noelle Has A Special Delivery For Her 102 1/2 Year Old Grandma During Quarantine

Her name is Eloise and she is my amazing grandma . When she was born the cost of a home was under $5000 dollars, the price of a car was under $400 dollars and a Boeing aircraft took flight for the first time. The average US hourly wage was .22 cents and the first “supermarket” opened in Memphis named PigglyWiggly. The speed limit was 10 miles per hour and the cost of a loaf of bread was .7 cents, less than 8% of homes had telephones and the first fast food hamburger chain was invented by a man by the name of Walter Anderson, also the founder of White Castle.

My address book has more changes for my Grandma than anyone. She broke out of assisted living in the mid- nineties to get married and hit the road  in an RV, mind you, she was in her 80’s.  She has traveled most of the states in our great country(living in many of them along the way) and also has been fortunate enough to see much of the world. She has outlived two dear husbands, recently buried her youngest daughter, her youngest grand-son, buried her only sibling, Dickey, when she was still a young girl, and lost many dear friends along the way. She has lived through 20 Presidents, many wars, a man on the moon, a phone in your hand, and many a pandemic.

She still lives on her own in an immaculate, darling apartment where she , gets her hair and nails done weekly and lays out her outfits for the next day, including jewelry and shoes before she says her prayers each night.

She is going a bit stir crazy like the rest of us, but was so grateful to get her favorite mac and cheese from Panera! #MYFOREVERROCKSTAR