Newman – Now a Postman in Somers, NY?


Well maybe it’s not Newman, but it’s fun to think about him out dumping mail.  Here’s the scoop.

The Postal Service is investigating the discovery of a large pile of undelivered mail that was dumped in the woods in Westchester County, New York. Local residents have been complaining about missing mail, and now they know why they haven’t received their bills, birthday cards and magazines.

Evidently its a pretty big pile of mail that they found and the Postal Service issued a statement saying it “condemns, in the strongest possible sense, behavior that jeopardizes the security and sanctity of the U.S. Mail or threatens to tarnish the reputation and high level of trust that the vast majority of our employees work so hard to uphold.” The investigation could lead to federal charges against the carrier. Check out the story with the local TV affiliate here (WABC-TV)

And enjoy the thought of Newman being involved here…