New? Normal? LOL


As summer 2020 holds onto its a run for a couple of more weeks, I reflected on a summer spent in somewhat of a fog.  Sure the normal Memorial Day picnic was held, 6 feet apart. Yep, Fourth of July Fireworks went off also, at a distance, from our cars. Summer 2020 came early for those of us with school children. An immediate halt to life as they and we know it. Scrambling with childcare, becoming teachers, and mastering technology while trying to keep a smile on our faces. Many times coming home from a day at work to 4 or more hours of distant learning depending the ages and number of your kiddos. We said goodbye to sports, dances, graduations. We tried to embrace a ‘new normal’… I prefer, just new, no normal.

Summer camps-cancelled, music events-cancelled, park activities-cancelled, parades, races, runs, festivals, and fairs. ALL CANCELLED. Not normal, just new.

As the school year begins in a ‘NEW‘ way, remember that in this bizarre-O fog we currently find ourselves in,  just a gentle reminder that  your kids pick up on your vibe. Be honest with them. Tell them this is also new to you, that you are doing the best you can and you love them.  If you choose to home school  your kiddo this year.. good for you. If you choose to send your kids to school this year.. good for you. If you’re not sure what the heck you’re doing, well, you are not alone. Lets just plaster a smile on our faces, support each other regardless of our decisions and march forward together into the ‘new.’