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New Lie Detection Mechanism


The Loon Morning Crew had this on their show this morning.  We think that law enforcement will want to use this.  So look for it on an upcoming episode of Blue Bloods. Multitasking could cause you to lose your train of thought, and University of Portsmouth researchers found a new method of lie detection shows that lie tellers who are made to multitask while being interviewed are easier to spot. The data shows the extra brain power needed to concentrate on a secondary task (other than lying) was particularly challenging for lie tellers to muster up. Researcher professor Aldert Vrij says, “The pattern of results suggests that the introduction of secondary tasks in an interview could facilitate lie detection but such tasks need to be introduced carefully. It seems that a secondary task will only be effective if lie tellers do not neglect it. This can be achieved by either telling interviewees that the secondary task is important, […] or by introducing a task that cannot be neglected.”  (EurekAlert!)   We also think this is a great opportunity to remember the Jim Carey Movie Liar!