Naked Jet Skiers Arrested On Gull Lake


Turns out you shouldn’t jet ski naked around on Gull Lake.

On Sunday, August 12th, three people were arrested and charged with misdemeanors after jet skiing naked on Gull Lake, according to the Star Tribune. Two of the three individuals were charged with “offensive, abusive, noisy, obscene” disorderly conduct and careless operation of watercraft. The third was charged with recklessly driving a speedboat.

It’s being reported that a Cragun’s employee let State conservation officer Tim Collette know two naked men were circling resort pontoons with guests on Gull Lake. The two jet skis were the old Kawasakis type where you stand up while driving. 

After Collette caught up to the jet skiers, they tried to plead their case to the officer. 

“Why they chose to take their trunks off, I have no idea,’’ Collette said. “They claimed they came off when they came up out of the water. I don’t buy that for a minute.’’

You almost have to respect these guys for going with that alibi. “Officer you don’t understand, both of us lost our trunks around the same exact time and didn’t bother to get them back.” Crazy to think that excuse didn’t fly…