Multi-Tasking is Making You Dumb


You may think you are getting a lot done – but you are really being less productive … and may be hurting your brain.

A study from Stanford University found that multitasking is less productive than doing one thing at a time. In fact, researchers found that people who are bombarded with lots of electronic stimulus have trouble focusing, recalling information, and switching from one job to another compared to those who complete one task at a time. And in addition to making you less productive, multitasking lowers your IQ. A study from the University of London found that participants who multi-tasked during cognitive tests experienced declines in their IQ scores. Researchers described the score results as similar to someone who had smoked pot or stayed up all night. Here’s a question for these guys at Stanford.  Is it really lower IQ?  Or is it just a lower test score.  I would say your Intellectual Quotient didn’t change… just your attention.  And by the way, good luck with trying to actually quit multitasking.  I would say it’s close to impossible. 

Here’s Ellen’s take on the subject.