Moon’s Netflix Pick Of The Week: Motley’s Crue’s “The Dirt”

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Photo Credit: Netflix/YouTube

The much anticipated Mötley Crüe biopic “The Dirt” hit Netflix over the weekend, and was it worth the wait!

The film follows the band from their formation in 1981 through the “glory years” of the mid to late eighties, and the subsequent fall in the mid to late nineties.  Through that period “The Dirt” puts you right in the middle of all the sex, drugs and rock and roll. The first thirty seconds pretty much sets the tone for all of that.

I also liked how the film showed how each band member had their own personal struggles to deal with. Nikki Sixx’s troubled childhood and heroin addiction. Mick Mars dealing with a painful degenerative bone disorder. Tommy Lee being a “hopeless romantic” and Vince Neil’s drunk driving accident that killed Hanoi Rocks drummer Razzle Dingley are all well portrayed. Another heart wrenching moment in the film is watching Neil loses his infant daughter to cancer.

There’s also some good humor in the film as well. The scene with the band and Ozzy Osbourne poolside immediately comes to mind, as well as Mick Mars constantly calling Tommy Lee not by name, but simply “drummer” throughout the film. Hollywood, as it always does, takes some liberties with the film so there are some historical inaccuracies. One in particular is when the band met their manager Doc McGee, prompting Mick Mars to turn to the camera and say “That didn’t really happen”.

All in all, I would give the film a B+. The actors who portrayed the band members I thought did a great job along with a great soundtrack. If I had one complaint, I would have liked to see the film get more involved with the later part of the band’s career. There’s still some meat on the bone there. An example would be, there’s no mention of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, and we all know they made ALOT of news. That’s it though. So grab a cold one, crank up the sound and pull down the shades and get ready for a wild ride known as Motley Crue’s “The Dirt”!