Moondance Jam 28 In Review


Things have settled into my mind a bit so I thought I’d give you a mental download from Moondance.

First of all let me say thanks to all the listeners that made it a great time at Moondance again this year.  We were able to meet and greet quite a few of you between the time we had on stage, the Rumpelstiltskin t-shirt giveaway and of course the camp cruise with more shirts in hand.  And those of you that found us back at the campsite too!  We love our listeners…

There’s of course the good vibe you get from everyone that’s on staff at Moondance and the service attitude.  And the fun that people consistently have in the camp sites.  One of the welcoming campsites had an engineer as part of their crew that developed this fun game….  I can only imagine they’ll be selling this somewhere soon.  So I hope they got a patent.

And the bands that I was able to take in Rocked It!  It was an extremely busy week with Moondance Jam, Summer Concert Series, and all the rest of what getting through a regular week brings, but I did see a few bands.  I thought Mountain Ash was a lot of fun on Wednesday night, Noelle was up and had a thoroughly good time on Friday night including her favorite- Rick Springfield.  So I’ll take her word for it on that.  And when I was up on Saturday night the full night was fabulous.  Here’s some video highlights of Molly Hatchet and Lynyrd Skynyrd.


Here’s hoping to see you out and about with those “Another Classic Summer” shirts courtesy of Shannon’s Auto Body… and keep listening!  We’re the Brainerd Lakes Classic Rocker, 107.5 the Powerloon!