Minnesota Winter Driving Tips


Welcome to the Minnesota winter driving season. It appears to be starting pretty early this year as you can mark it on your calendar as November 6th. If we’re lucky, it only lasts 3-4 months, but anyone who has lived in Minnesota for any length of time knows it’s generally 6 months or longer. Why do we live here again? That’s right, nothing matches a Minnesota summer. Or you simply can’t enough of blazing some trails on that fresh, white powder.

It’s amazing how quickly we forget some real basic 101 winter driving skills when Old Man Winter ravages the landscape and turns it into a white abyss. Here’s some simple, easy, friendly reminders from MnDOT on how to drive safely on Minnesota roads this winter season. Please stay safe this winter and click on SLOW DOWN.

Did you know? Drivers speeding and not paying attention are the main causes of work zone crashes. Follow these safe winter driving tips:

  • Call 511 or visit before leaving on your trip to get current road conditions.
  • Turn on your headlights and wear your seat belt.
  • Turn off your cruise control.
  • Slow down; allow at least 10 car lengths between your vehicle and a plow.
  • Stay behind the snowplow. The road behind a snowplow is safer to drive on.
  • Watch for snowplows that turn or exit frequently, and often with little warning.
  • Never drive into a snow cloud.