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Minnesota Schools Ranked 7th In The Nation


There is a report out this week that ranks Minnesota as the 7th state over all in education.  The report was issued by the financial news website  They used a variety of measures including school funding, academic achievement, and enrollment.  Here’s the stats that are quoted:

  1. Minnesota
    > High school graduation rate:82.7% (tied — 17th lowest)
    > Public school spending:$12,647 per pupil (17th highest)
    > 3 & 4 yr. old enrolled in preschool: 49.6% (11th highest)
    > 8th grade proficiency: 44.2% math; 34.2% reading
    > Adults with a bachelor’s degree: 36.7% (10th highest)


The other thing that’s in the article is the best overall school in the state.  That honor went to Minnetonka.  Looks like we still need to work on graduation rates, but good to know that the next generation has a chance to compete!  And thanks to our teachers and other mentors that help to make the Brainerd Lakes and Minnesota a great place to raise a family!