Minnesota Ranked Highly On List Of ‘Most Fun’ States


For some sad reason people think California is more fun than Minnesota!California has been ranked the top U.S. state when it comes to having a good time! WalletHub looked at 26 factors related to entertainment, nightlife, recreation like restaurants, amusement parks, golf courses, theaters, arcades, casinos, music festivals, beaches, national parks, local bars, etc. and California is the most fun state in the U.S. Florida came in second and New York came in third. Meanwhile, Washington came in at fourth place and Colorado rounded out the top five.

Here’s my thinking on this.  All those states ahead of us have more population than we do and so they would indeed have more of what was counted as allowing for “fun”.  What if they were to count the number of lakes though?  All I know is that a lot of people seem to think the Brainerd Lakes is a lot of fun. And what about listening to great classic rock while at the lake?  I would think that would move us up the list if they would count the PowerLoon.  After all there’s only one!

Here’s the official list…

The Top-10 Most Fun U.S. States:

  1. California, 61.6
  2. Florida, 58.2
  3. New York, 57.9
  4. Washington, 51.1
  5. Colorado, 49.7
  6. Nevada, 49.3
  7. Minnesota, 49
  8. Pennsylvania, 47.9
  9. Oregon, 47.6
  10. Texas, 47.5