Minnesota Family Encounters Friendliest Deer Ever


Minnesota family’s rare encounter with an extremely friendly deer is melting hearts online.

Hugo native John Dolan shared a video of the incredible moment on Facebook last week, which shows the deer walking in a neighborhood street alongside his son.

“My son was going to get mail and I noticed the deer coming close to him,” Dolan wrote. “It’s the coolest and craziest thing I have ever seen. A beautiful healthy doe, just cruising the neighborhood.”

In the video, Dolan tells his son to pet the wild animal. As he does so, the friendly deer moves in closer to him, almost commanding him to keep petting it. The deer then walks over to Dolan as he continues to record and he, too, begins to pet the animal.

Suddenly, the deer walks onto their driveway and continues to walk around with them, taking in as much affection it can from its newfound human friends.

“It’s like a dog,” Dolan’s son said.

At one point, the deer goes inside his son’s girlfriend’s car and begins eating something on the floor.