This Guy Is Suing An Airline After Sitting Next To A Big Man On A Plane

Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels

In the never ending “Conspiracy Against the Bigger Man”, a 5’3″ British man is suing British Airways over injuries he claims he sustained from sitting next to an obese passenger on a plane.

51-year-old Stephen Prosser claims he was forced to sit next to a “huge man” on a 13-hour flight from Bangkok to London two years ago. He says he was squashed the entire flight as “his buttocks were bulging onto my side and the rest of his bulk spilling over.”

Prosser claims in his lawsuit that he suffered a pelvic injury and nerve damage in his neck. He says he asked to be moved to another seat but none were available. A British Airways customer service manager, who was on the plane, denies that Prosser was seated in an unnatural position and doesn’t believe he was injured as a result.

Prosser is seeking damages and loss of earnings because he’s been forced to miss work. For the full size story click here. (BBC)  

*Mac is currently reaching out to the offender to see if he wants to apply to the Good Looking Fat Man’s Club.