Man Breaks Elusive World Record Of ‘Spinning A Cushion On Finger’

Sometimes when we think “World Record” we think…. there’s no way I could do that.  Then there are others.  Like this one!

A man in Brighton, England sat in a Morrison’s store and made a cushion spin on his finger for 18 minutes and 14 seconds to break a record. Thirty three-year-old Dan Spencer successfully beat the previous record of 15 minutes, 7 seconds, and he and his wife plan to submit the video evidence to Guinness for official recognition.

C’mon…  I could do that, right?  How many other simple world records are there? I think If you wanted to really make a name for yourself, you should get a whole bunch of the lesser known world records and try and beat them all in one day!  Check out the video below.

Posted by Dan Spencer on Saturday, May 25, 2019