Man Breaks Elusive World Record Of ‘Spinning A Cushion On Finger’


Sometimes when we think “World Record” we think…. there’s no way I could do that.  Then there are others.  Like this one!

A man in Brighton, England sat in a Morrison’s store and made a cushion spin on his finger for 18 minutes and 14 seconds to break a record. Thirty three-year-old Dan Spencer successfully beat the previous record of 15 minutes, 7 seconds, and he and his wife plan to submit the video evidence to Guinness for official recognition.

C’mon…  I could do that, right?  How many other simple world records are there? I think If you wanted to really make a name for yourself, you should get a whole bunch of the lesser known world records and try and beat them all in one day!  Check out the video below.