Lunar Mining


Have you thought about what we might do with space travel in the future? Well get ready for the Star Trek Starbase, because it’s closer than you think. European scientists have come up with a plan to start mining the moon. In order to set up long-term bases on the moon, astronauts are going to have to figure out how to produce oxygen and water without carrying it up there with them. So, these scientists want to mine the surface to see if they can turn the chemicals in the soil into water and oxygen. It sounds like they’ll make a run at it in 2025. There’s a nice article about this on the website. What I’m wondering is “how cold is it there?” and are the winters better than Minnesota?

So I looked it up. Mean surface temperature (day): 224°F, Mean surface temperature (night):-243°F. And since there’s really no water, (that they know of) there’s no snow. I guess we’ll need a good heating and cooling system.  If you’re really into it check out this website, its everything you could possibly want to know about the moon.

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