Loon Tube: Bodycam Video Of Police Pulling A Man To Safety From an Overpass

There’s bodycam footage of several Miami police officers rescuing a man who’s dangling from the side of an overpass.  You hear them repeatedly saying, “Don’t do it” until they can get close enough to grab his arms and pull him to safety.

🎥 Our officers responded to a call of a missing person and located the man, in crisis, standing at an overpass. Officers attempted to plead with him, however, he suspended himself over the side of the ramp.Director Ramirez commented, “I’m extremely proud, although not surprised, of these officers’ heroic acts to save a human life. I am also grateful for the citizen video and body camera footage which allows us a glimpse of what is so often unnoticed, our finest in action safeguarding life and protecting our community.”Watch how officers worked together to pull him to safety.

Posted by Miami-Dade Police Department on Monday, August 31, 2020