(6 – 9 AM) The Loon Morning Crew with Danny and Mac


Wake up weekday mornings 6-9 with Danny and Mac at The Power Loon! The Power Loon news, weather and sports delivers the information you need to get your day started!  They check up on the entertainment world, look at some weird news, the 7:20 funny and of course a laugh or two.  So get up and moving with the Loon Morning Crew at 107.5 KLIZ the Power Loon!


(9 AM – 2 PM) Noelle Lee


The ladies kick off the no-repeat work day at 9 AM every weekday morning and take you though the work day with your favorite classic rock! That includes the Classic Rock Cafe at noon with 30 plus minutes nonstop for the lunch hour! You could also be a winner on the Flash Back Pop Quiz…. Listen work days to The Power Loon.


(2 PM – 7 PM) Brian Moon


Brian steps in to continue the ‘No Repeat Workday’ at 2 PM weekday afternoons.  AT 2:35 PM, Moonie posts the Loon Tube video of the day at theloon.com and is with you for the ride home with the ‘Workforce Block Party’. 30 minutes of non-stop Classic Rock rolls right after 5!


(7 PM – 12 AM) Andy Hammre


Andy rocks you into the night!  From 7 ‘til Midnight, Andy rolls out the classics and offers his personal insight into the Rock and Roll that he’s been playing since it was new!  What better way to enjoy the classics, than with a classic!