Looking For The Best Pizza In The Brainerd Lakes Area

Photo by Sean – TE0 from Pexels

As someone who has recently moved to the area and a lover of pizza, I’m looking for recommendations of the best pizza in the Brainerd Lakes area.

Who doesn’t love pizza? 

As a new member of the Brainerd community, I’m in need of direction. I’m a guy who likes life’s simple pleasures. Give me a slice of pizza and Vikings football on a fall Sunday and I am the happiest man on the face of the earth, hence why I need your help. I want to know what the best pizza in the area is. I’ve asked around with my great co-workers and it sounds like Rafferty’s Pizza is the place to check out first. 

What else is there to offer? Is there some hole in the wall bar with sneaky great pizza? Maybe a fancier pizza made with coal fire? Give me the lowdown and either comment on our Loon Facebook page or send me an email at and I will be sure to give a review of the places I get suggestions for!