Led Zeppelin II Turns 50 Today


We celebrated the 50 year anniversary of Led Zeppelin II this past weekend on Off the Record at the Powerloon.  But today it’s official.  The album saw the band gaining in popularity after their debut album and the touring began to really give the band some chops.  It was released October 22nd 1969.

The album is in the running as one of the band’s best, even though it seemed that it was almost done on the fly.  The various songs were done at various locations while the band toured their first album and the story has it that the jam sessions on Dazed and Confused in various concert performances contributed to the riffs needed as foundation for at least some of the songs on Led Zeppelin II.  Even today you can still hear most of the songs on air on Classic Rock radio everywhere, and at the Powerloon we play every title.

Side One:

Whole Lotta Love

What is and What Should Never Be

The Lemon Song

Thank You

Side Two:


Living Loving Maid(She’s Just a Woman)

Ramble On

Moby Dick

Bring It On Home

Check out this performance from 1970 at  Royal Albert Hall