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Irish Accent Adventure


Have you ever known anyone to suddenly start speaking with an accent?   It’s call FAS- foreign accent syndrome.  A woman from Brisbane, Australia recently woke up after surgery with an Irish accent. Her name is Angie Yen and she says on April 28th when she got in the shower and started singing, she was shocked that she heard herself using a “foreign accent” that “sounds very Irish.” She called a friend who sent her YouTube videos about foreign accent syndrome (FAS). And since FAS can sometimes be caused by the onset of a stroke, she went to the hospital that day, but was discharged and was told to go home and rest. It turns out Yen had had her tonsils removed on April 19th, and her doctor advised her to see if her accent change disappeared on its own. Two days after waking up with the accent Yen decided to share her experience on TikTok.


Day 4: I woke up with an Irish accent 4 days ago. I grew up in Australia, never been to Ireland. #foryou #fyp #foreignaccentsyndrome

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