If You Send Your Kids To Camp This Summer, Send Snake Repellent And Almost $150,000 Dollars


Talk about a summer bummer, a nine year old who has enjoying camp with her peers has quite the experience to tell after getting bit by a copperhead snake in the boulders of Illinois.

Oakley Yoder didn’t see the snake until she felt it bite her right foot. Luckily, the trained  camp counselors knew they needed to get her medical attention as soon as possible while keeping her calm and motionless so the venom couldn’t spread. Venom spreads much more rapidly with increased heartbeats. One counselor gave her a piggyback ride and sang Taylor Swift songs with her on the way back to the camp van where first responder’s were waiting to take her by a Medivac helicopter.  80 miles later, she was given 4 viles of antivenin and kept for observation. Her frightened parents were extremely grateful to the quick thinking of the camp counselors and medical personal, however, the bill from Oakley’s camp experience?$142,938.00. Not including the cost of the camp.