If You Light It They Will Come…The Power Of A Campfire


Saturday night I had an incredible experience that was not planned it just organically happened out of the blue.

I had just finished mowing the lawn, and tiding up some things in the garage. I decided after a busy week to throw a few pieces of wood into the campfire ring crack a cold one and relax.

I live in a quiet neighborhood in Northeast Brainerd (which gets an unjust bad wrap in my mind). To my own fault, I haven’t got to know my neighbors the way I should. We are all just busy. Well, within minutes of lighting the fire, my neighbor from across the street who I knew a little bit dropped by. He is a musician who is trying to making it go in a couple of different bands here locally. Of course he and I started talking music, and realized we have a lot in common on that front.

Soon after, another neighbor who has lived next to me for a few years dropped in. He’s an over the road truck driver and is rarely home which is why I knew very little about him. It wasn’t long after that a young lady who had just moved into the neighborhood decided to join the fun. Come find out she was a first time home buyer, and going through medical school, she had her boyfriend in tow, who is in construction and was exhausted from working in the heat for the last three days. It wasn’t long after that a guy who moved in behind me a few months also joined the festivities. He moved in from another state and fell in love with the area, and was just starting a new job this week!  Needless to say he was in a great mood.

It was an amazing night just for the fact, that for a few hours a group people who differed in age, backgrounds, and more had fun sharing stories about life. I maybe said ten words the whole night. Just took it all in. When everyone decided to call it an evening I doused the fire, and put the chairs away. I layed in bed that night thinking this doesn’t happen much anymore. An entire block of a neighborhood taking the time to get to know one another. Over something as simple as a campfire. It was simple, unplanned, awesome, and something I won’t soon forget.