I Cannot Tell a Lie

old man

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us it’s hard not to think about Alice’s Restaurant and Arlo Guthrie.One of the great scenes in the movie is the infamous garbage incident and his inability to lie about his actions.  Based on the info we had on the show this morning maybe Arlo was older than we thought in 1969. Older folks are known for being more honest, but a new study finds it’s not necessarily by choice. Researchers from Brandeis University scanned the brains of millennials and elderly folks when they told the truth and when they told lies. They found the brains of the elderly participants were noticeably less able to cope when they were asked to lie. Study authors suggest this means lying requires significant brain power and cognitive control, and that mental capacity is known to decline as people age. Also, researchers add that lying by denial (faking amnesia, for example) may be less taxing on the brain. Check out the details here–(Daily Mail)  And if you cue the movie to about 58 Minutes in you’ll catch the dirty details of the garbage.  And don’t forget you can catch the full song Alice’s Restaurant at just past Noon on Thanksgiving Day at 107.5 the PowerLoon!