Hump Day


We’ve had a rash of stories on people taking their strange pets into PetSmart to see if the policy exists for ALL pets.  Well in Michigan it was literally HUMP day at the local PetSmart thanks to Lewis Farms and Petting Zoo.

Shoppers were stunned last Sunday when they saw Jeffrey, an Arabian camel, cruising the aisles. Jeffrey lives  nearby and was taken out for the day by his handlers, who thought he might enjoy a little shopping. Once he safely cleared the front doors, Jeffrey seemed to enjoy his unfamiliar surroundings.

Although PetSmart allows pet owners to bring their animals into the store, camels are not actually on the permitted animals list, which includes more typical pets like dogs, cats, rabbits and lizards. However, company policy allows for stores to bend the rules as they see fit.

The problem is you can’t even look at camel these days with out thinking of the Geico ad….  C’mon… What day is it??   Evidently Sunday is now Hump Day.