How Would You Feel If You Were Sold A “Cake” Made Of Styrofoam For A Grad Party?


I know this would be a tragic day if you’ve spent hours planning and prepping for this party, but I have some questions.

Here’s the story. Marsy Flores from Pasadena Texas said she placed an order for a two-tier cake from Walmart for her daughter’s high school graduation party.  When Flores went to pick up the cake, the workers couldn’t find it so they gave her a free sheet cake instead. But, her daughter was humiliated when she cut into the cake in front of family and friends only to reveal that it was a large rectangle of styrofoam covered in ornate frosting.

On May 31st, Nellie Flores, Marsy’s sister, posted a video of the fake cake to her Facebook, blasting Walmart for their bad customer service.  Walmart has apologized to the family and gave them a 60-dollar gift card for the incident.

Question one:  Did the person at the store really think they could grab the display cake?  They didn’t know it was styrofoam?

Question two: So nobody involved… meaning the person behind the counter, the cake decorator, or the customer thought “this feels a little light?”

Question three:  On Bastille Day….  Do you think that Marie Antoinette thought she was offering styrofoam cake to the peasants?  (just kidding)

Question four:  Did they really think they could have their cake and eat it too?