How To Have A 70’s Summer


With summer vacation right around the corner, friends, neighbors, and co-workers are busy discussing what to do to keep the kiddos occupied June, July, and August.

As parents we are continually inundated with emails, brochures, and catalog’s to make our children better, healthier, and happier? The options for both parents and children range from everything including the building of robots over the summer to learning how to skateboard correctly, working on their karate skills or going to camp for a week to learn how the political system works. Do yourself and your children a favor this summer and give them the kind of summer you had as a child. You survived it and they will too! Below are a few ideas to take the stress off and actually enjoy the summer.

  1. Let them watch TV. Yes, they watch their shows on a smaller screen. Who cares. Download the Classix app. and let them stay entertained all summer with reruns of Gilligan’s Island, The Brady Bunch, and The Dukes Of Hazard. We did.
  2. Let them eat, whatever they want- whatever they can find. I’m not talking organic veggie straws or free range hard-boiled eggs. I lived on planters cheese balls out of a can with red dye Kool-aid to wash it down. The smell of a fried bologna sandwich is something lots of today’s children are missing out on.
  3. Make them play outside. Like, all day long. Hot? Grab a drink from the hose or run through a the sprinkler.  Look for bugs, make mud pies, build a fort. Not tough at all.
  4. Play with actual toys. Ones that don’t need charging. Give them a pogo stick, hula- hoop, frisbee, or jump rope. You don’ need to watch them play or take pictures of them doing it either. Kids don’t need an audience for everything.
  5. Street lights. When these come on, tell your kids to be home. Don’t text them, GPS them or have Siri remind them, that’s why there are streetlights.

Hopefully you as parents can kick back and not have to dish  out hundreds of dollars for expensive camps or spend every waking moment chauffeuring your children around. Find yourself a webbed lawn chair and enjoy a cold Blatz or Tab. Enjoy the summer, it goes too fast, just like childhood.