How To Get Organized


If you guys are like me the days whip by at about 90 mph and when the day is done you say….  “What just happened?”

Well, I’ve started a quest to become more organized and gain back some of my ignored organizational skill set while executing a plan.  In doing so I found this article called the “10 Habits of Highly Organized People”.  I found it to ring true with what my experiences have been in completing the check list.  So here’s the overview:

1) They write things down.  (Get it on the calendar)

 2) They have routines (Stay on the timeline)

 3) They know how to ask for help

 4) Their to-do lists stay current

 5) They purge clutter on a semi-daily basis (Seems impossible for me)

 6) They have a place for everything

 7) They’re optimistic and goal-oriented

 8) They don’t put things off until later

 9) They come prepared

 10) They know how they need to de-stress – and they do so.

 Here’s a link to the full article: Click Here

Since starting to practice some of the habits listed above, I’ve come across a couple of other things that I have found helpful.  One of them being a free app from Apples app store.

It’s a Microsoft product called To-Do list.  I have found it to be flexible and you can compartmentalize your tasks into the various areas of your life that keep you busy,  (i.e.) Work, Church, Home… and then you can develop lists that belong in each category.  You can also assign tasks to others.  And if you have a Microsoft based email you can have it import your flagged items to the list.  It has been helping me prioritize things from day to day.  Now if I can just make that a habit…right?

Another thing I’ve found is that if you’re an outlook person, you can build out separate calendars and then show them in a combined way or separated.  And of course if you have a smartphone you can choose which calendars you want to sync into your daily schedule.

There’s a lot of moving parts in our lives and with school about to begin again, I know a lot of you are wondering how you’ll get it all done.  Just take a deep breath, create a to-do list and throw away all the post it notes.

I’ll let you know if I get to the end of my list.  (pray for me)