Homeowner Surprised When Bear Rings Doorbell


There’s a lot of folks in our neck of the woods with wildlife cameras out in the woods. Whether you do it to prep your hunt or you’re just watching what’s happening in your yard.  Well this one is just a little different since it’s a doorbell camera.

I guess there’s a good reason to look out and see who’s ringing your bell!  A homeowner in Naples, Florida shared a video of a bear that rang her doorbell. The video shows the bear approaching the front porch, knocking over a pair of stuffed snowmen and gnawing on them for a moment before using its nose to ring the doorbell. The homeowner can be head yelling, “Bear, go away!!” in the footage. The bear gets startled and does in fact leave. The homeowner says the bear did not cause any serious damage, but that one of the stuffed snowmen lost its head.